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Who is The Fortress Academy?

The Fortress Academy is a private licensed school focused on emerging technologies. The demand for new technical talent has increased at such a rapid rate that traditional educational models have had a hard time adapting.

Our graduates will be ready to dive into any project or team, programming, repairing, and maintaining robots. With more and more companies building and augmenting their work-forces with robotics, the need for the skillsets taught at The Fortress Academy are paramount to our future generations’ success. 

The gap in the current job market is huge and continuing to grow. The Fortress Academy can serve as a catalyst for not only local business, but as an opportunity for more minorities, woman and veterans to enter the field of STEM as a career.

The Fortress Academy Computer Programming Diploma Program

Learning the basics of technology and the fundamentals of “thinking like a computer scientist” enable you to tackle challenges in ways that simply were not possible before. With a background in computer programming, you can harness the powerful systems and libraries that huge companies are making available for you to build with. This skillset is one of the most sought after across all industries today.

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