The Fortress Initiative

The Fortress Initiative is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to education, economic development, and workforce development focused on robotics, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies.

Web 3.0 Innovation Hub

The Web 3.0 Innovation Hub is a part of an 18-acre innovation district in East Vancouver on the Great Northernway Trust campus owned by UBC, Emily Carr U, SFU & BCIT.

It’s an R&D lab for the third generation of the internet. We are a collaboration for entrepreneurs, academics, Non-profit and civic organizations, and industry to work with the various components of the spatial web to create solutions at a city scale that augment human potential and accelerate possibilities for education, job creation, and a stronger, wiser, and prosperous society.


The Fortress Initiative + Web 3.0 Innovation Hub have partnered to build, distribute, and facilitate educational programming designed to enhance economic and workforce development initiatives.

Get Involved

This collaboration needs community support. Not only are donations one of the most significant ways to contribute to this initiative, financial gifts are also tax write-offs!

A tax write-off receipt will be emailed to the address entered in the form directly from Zeffy.