You can see it, touch it, feel it. Technology surrounds us and the advances of the past decade have begun to catapult innovation at an exponential rate. Technology is affecting every industry. From manufacturing to medical, education to small business, the demand for new skills and a competitive edge is everywhere. Experts predict that in the coming decade over ⅓ of the population may be unemployable. Not unemployed, unemployable. The world is changing…..

The last time the world changed this much and this fast was World War II. During this time it was the small cities and rural areas of the United States that banded together, came up with a plan and leapt into action.  They stood up to the overwhelming difficulties before them…..and they came out the other side, as one nation, victorious. 

Inspired by a 70 year old plan from World War II entitled “The York Plan”, we at The Fortress believe the time for small communities to band together and lead is once again upon us. In the face of great change our cities and counties stood up to the challenges before us and saved our nation. We did it before, we can do it again.

We believe that small cities and rural areas deserve the same opportunities as big cities when it comes to technology and technology training

We believe that the changes in technology around computer programming, robotics, manufacturings and employment present a unique opportunity for these communities to leapfrog into the future 

We believe in the people of these communities and their capability to adapt to the challenges of the future

We believe that everyone should have access to technology, regardless of race, socio economic background or geographic location

We believe it is imperative our children be immersed in emerging technology if they are to compete and create the job market of the future.